Monday, January 24, 2011

New Restaurant in Milano el Porteno

(el Portenoのオーナは馬に乗りポロをしている人で、その雑誌を持っている人)
(The owner of El Porteno is a polo player who holds the magazine)

(Giovanna has strong image)

ミラノに新しくオープンしたアルゼンチンレストランel Porteno. (パリのANAHIの様な感じで、お肉が美味しい)同じ雑誌に紹介されたので記念撮影。 今日もオレンジのストッキングをはき、ファッション、アート、すべてをエンジョイしているGiovanna。好奇心旺盛な彼女は触角も鋭く、新しく楽しい場所を探す名人。 今日も4テーブルぐらい若い人達に挨拶していた。ジョージクルー二ーの彼女とか?その年齢を超えた社交に乾杯。人生を今日が最後とエンジョイしている。 お酒を飲んで、エ??自分で車運転して帰るの?ゴージャスな車はボコボコ。 ダメです。ジョバンナ~~!!
This is a newly open restaurant called el Porteno, Argentina restaurant. (like ANAHI in Paris, their meat tastes good)
I took a photo for memory since this restaurant was introduced in the same magazine.
Giovanna wears an orange stocking today, she enjoys fashion, art and everything.
She is a curious person so her antenna works well and she is good at looking for new & fun places. She goes to say hello to 4 tables of youngsters, among which one of them is a girl-friend of George Clooney. I toasted to her sense of social skill. She enjoys life as if today would be her last day. She gets drunk and then..? Are you going to drive your car? Her gorgeous car has a lot of scratches. Please, don’t drive, Giovanna!