Thursday, January 27, 2011

CX234 in flight (機内で考えていた事)

CX234(ダイレクト便) にて、ミラノから今朝香港に到着。


Heatherwick Studio. ファッションもこの方向へ向かっているな~。



ミラノは2月23日から3月1日まで、アンテプリマ ショー は24日夜8時?問い合わせ中。

映画はソシアルネットワーク Face bookのWallが学生寮の扉や壁がイメージさえていたのかと納得。


CX234 in-flight
I arrived at Hong Kong from Milan this morning with CX234 – direct flight.
I could not sleep so I was thinking about a lot of things during the flight.
UK Pavillion in Shanghai World Expo was chosen as the Best Building of the year in 2010. I am sure fashion business will also go towards this direction.
Milan World Expo will be held 3 years later but it seems nothing has been started. Is everything going to be OK? Men’s fashion week has finished, too. From now on, women’s fashion week will commence from New York-London-Milan-Paris whereas Milan is between February 23 to March 1. ANTEPRIMA Show could be scheduled on Feb 24 , 8pm but needs to be confirmed.
I understood from the movie that the image of FaceBook came from the walls and doors of dormitory in University.