Sunday, January 16, 2011

Average age of marriage/ Wall street

CX233にて香港ーミラノ(non stop13h50)

機内で見た映画はWall street :money never sleeps

興味を持って読んだ記事はマリークレールのLove &Sex


フランス 女29.7 男31.9 離婚率38.5%
日本   女27.3 男30   離婚率26.2%
ロシア  女23.3 男26.1 離婚率43.3%
イギリス 女30   男32.1 離婚率42.6% 



I took flight from Hong Kong to Milan – CX233 non-stop 13.5 hours of flight.
I watched a movie in the flight called “Wall Street Money never sleeps”. The story is about a family broke up due to insider stock trading and money became a sleepless lover.
I read an interesting material in Marie Clare called “Love & Sex”, especially survey about average marriage age and divorce %.

France Female29.7 Male31.9 Divorce 38.5%
Japan  F27.3  M30    Divorce 26.2%
Russia  F23.3  M26.1  Divorce 43.3%
England F30    M32.1  Divorce 42.6% 
Italy divorce rate is as low as 0.8% maybe due to the reason that divorce was allowed by law only from 1970 after national votes. They are, maybe, trying to keep the believe of Catholics Church.
I think Japan might have higher %.
How many married couples with over 10 years’ marriage can give the answer NO to this question: ‘Have you ever thought of divorcing?’