Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mr.Ben Hassett

Benには、ANTEPRIMAのキャンペーン写真をこの何シーズンか撮ってもらいる。今回のDocomo (F-20)とのコラボ携帯イメージ写真もやさしく力強かった。 今日で仕事納め、APJからお花と厚木からライセンスしたタイツをもらって帰宅。明日はサンリオ社とゴルフ6時起き。 お酒を飲まずに暖かいお風呂に入って眠ります。
I am happy because I received a photo from Ben.
This is in return for my gift to his new born baby from Julia and Ben.
Having a mother, Vogue stylist and a father, world famous fashion photographer, the baby will become very fashionable too.
Ben works for ANTEPRIMA Campaign photos for several seasons, and this Docomo image photo with strong impact was also taken by him. Today is the final working day in Japan for this year. I came home with the flowers from ANTEPRIMA Japan and Atsugi, the licensed company of tights. I will join golf with SANRIO so will get up at 6am. I will sleep after hot bath tonight.