Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HK Star (Joey Yung) with My Melody

チャリテイ イベント ANTEPRIMA X My Melody +Kuromi

Ms.Joey Yung(ヨンチョイイー)は現在香港では一番有名と言われている若手シンガー。

チャリテイー活動にも積極的に参加する彼女は皆の人気者。今回は子供達を虐待から救う為のチャリテイイベント。My Melodyの大きな小切手にJoeyと一緒にサインしました。音楽やファッションを楽しむ事が出来る人を増やしたいと願って。






This photo is taken during the event of ANTEPRIMA x My Melody + Kuromi.
Although I was happy to be with the cool and pretty Hong Kong celebrities on the stage, I was a bit tense. Ms. Joey Yung is No. 1 young singer in Hong Kong and she is popular for her positive attitude towards charity activities. This event is for charity to save children from sexual abuse. I put my signature in the big cheque of My Melody with Joey. I wish this event will also raise musical or fashionable talents. The event was good and finished on schedule, so I go back to the office for work.
Staff from Tokyo and Milan will come to Hong Kong from tomorrow for FW buying. I have a lot of things to do and always wish one day could have 30 hours.