Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mother's Birthday 80




おいしい朝食を作り、換気扇に向かってタバコをふかし、お昼寝をして午後は成城石井まで自転車で夕食の買い物。 成城石井の店員さん達とのおしゃべりも楽しいらしい。





Thank you for the flowers for my mother’s birthday.
My mother was touched with tears.
Her chest was burned when she was a baby and she lost her mother at the age of 12. She lost her business so had to sell her land and most of her heritage. She had some hard times in her life but she has lived with wishes that these incidents happened to her would not happen to her children. Her motto is “not to envy others”, “be cheerful and smile with appreciation”, “be independent”, “cook everyday”
Her morning starts with cheerful conversation with Ishida san, a dog care-taker, making delicious breakfast, smoking towards ventilation, taking nap in the afternoon, and then, going to the supermarket riding her bicycles. She also enjoys talking with shop staff in the supermarket.
She likes drinking,and talking to friends so we have guests at home everyday. She has regular gatherings with friends at night, so enjoyable that she’d come back home after mid-night. She plays mahjong on i-pad and cooks diet meal for her dog, and takes care of grandchildren and great grandchildren when they visit her.
She says ‘I take the same attitude to everybody, and it is most important to spend ordinary day everyday’ and she smokes. She asks “what do you want to eat tonight?”