Friday, November 19, 2010

Masaaki Ogino Happy Birthday.69




アンテプリマの社長は退きましたが、香港、上海、台北に出店しているCity Super会長はまだ続けるようです。完全に引退するのはまだ先になりそう。



This is my husband, Masaaki Ogino, he has just turned 69 years old.
He has been declaring his resignation from the company since he was 60, and finally he did it on 1 November from ANTEPRIMA Japan Ltd, which is part of his group companies.
We have worked together for 26 years as a partner, and we are like when one says RED, another says WHITE. I myself believe this contrast is very important so I have enjoyed working with him. He is good in figures and can write Kanji words. He is fluent in English and Cantonese so I use him as a dictionary sometimes and always being scolded by him saying “I am not your dictionary”. He resigned from the position of CEO of ANTEPRIMA Ltd, but entire retirement would take a few years later because he is still a director of Citysuper in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan. Shall we have his 70 years old birthday party in Hong Kong? I believe in my mind that he wants me to look for something I like and back me up towards those I am devoted.