Sunday, November 28, 2010

黒澤 和子(Mrs Kazuko Kurosawa)

雷桜(Raiou)レオ二ー 。衣装黒澤和子。
明日は又京都とか? 今度会えるのは何時かな?

The first time I met her was 40 years ago, when we just played around for fun.
We work so hard now everyday, that I wonder if this is because we did not work much in the past.
I think we are competing with each other on who’s more busy by comparing our diaries
In 雷桜(Raiou)& レオ二(as per above photos), Mrs. Kazuko Kurosawa is in charge of costumes. She had dinner at my home last night and went home with a gentle nice looking boy. She will go to Kyoto tomorrow, so I wonder when we will meet next time?