Saturday, September 25, 2010

Long day



撮影後Odileはパリに戻り、その後はVia Ciovasso4にあるConsolareでBen達と恒例の打ち上げ。

ケートモスを世界に送り出した事でも有名、PRADAなど数多くの香水ボトルも手掛けている天才的アートディレクターFabien Baronさん、日本からDrumcanの田村さんとボビーさん、NY インタビューマガジンの編集長など何だか撮影の打ち上げには関係ない人も、友達の友達はみな友達の乗りで集まってきて、楽しい夜。素敵な人は良い顔している。
After the long working day, I arrived home after mid-night. We moved the entire collection early in the morning and did shooting and final fitting in SuperStudio. I introduced in yesterday’s blog about our best Shooting crew. We made beautiful photos with model Egle. We finished most of final fitting. After shooting, Odile went back to Paris and we had a party celebration after the shooting with Ben in Via Ciovasso4. In the party, Fabien Baron, a famous art director doing perfume bottle of Prada, Bobby of Drumcan, a Chief Editor of New York Interview magazine and some who were not related to the shooting, some friends of friends, were all having great time there. Successful people have good style.