Monday, September 6, 2010

Fan bing bing -san

「またファン ビン ビンさんが中国の為に作ったパンダのワイヤーバックを購入してくれ、ピンクの大キティーが売り切れたようになっています。在庫がありません。」と香港から連絡が入った。



I received a news from Hong Kong saying “ Ms. Fan Bing Bing bought Panda Wirebag – China version- from us again. Also, giant Hello Kitty Wirebags in pink color are all sold out. We have no more stock”. How can I send appreciation to her?
How is My Melody going to be launched in January next year? Do Chinese ladies like pink color of giant size? We received giant Kuromi’s order from Hong Kong and China only, so do they like Kuromi better? I need to send either one as a gift to her or shall I send both of them?