Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chiva -Som



ダイエット目的の女性の一人客が多いのですが、必要ない?と思うようなモデルさんらしき人達も毎回見かけます。 一人客の為に、トーキングテーブルがあって、自由に参加できるのは良いシステム。英語の勉強にはなりそうです。








Chiva Som is a resort, which is well-known as King’s Resort and located 2 hours drive from Bangkok, Thailand. I have been a member for 10 years, and it really looks like a hospital from the entrance. There’s an Italian – I sometimes see him here, says Capri is better for vacation but he needs to come here for his body maintenance. This place doesn’t accept children under 14 years old so it is not for family. There are many young ladies who come here alone. They look like fashion models but they come here for diet. For single guests, there is a table called “Talking Table” for free chat. This is a good system. I think I can study English. On the dining table, there are no salt and sugar. I choose what I eat from Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu has full selection. Of course, all the dish shows calories. Alcohols can be ordered but all the guests come here for same purpose so I don’t feel like drinking. From 7am everyday, exercise menu such as Tai Chi and Yoga for one hour free of charge. Popular class is stretching. I will join today, too. Spa has over 100 programs. Daily massage is included free of charge, but I want one more better one called “Deep Tissue Massage” everyday. There is a primary laser treatment and a dermatology specialist from Bangkok comes for free consultancy. He compares skin condition for present and previous time. I reported to Dr. Tsuji and Dr. Terajima. They asked me what I did for my skin because my skin got better although my skin has suntan from golf. No pain, no recovery – smile is pain killer. That’s so much for today. I will enjoy pain and make smiles.