Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving .引っ越し



月曜の朝に引っ越しだが、短い滞在と言う事もあって引っ越しの朝にもLa とアポがあったり、何だか頭と体、そして時間の調整が難しい。


I spent the whole weekend packing all my things.
Ms. Shiho Miyazaki ( ) who is the shop staff of ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG Corso Como Shop is working hard for me.
I have to move next Monday. But I have an appointment with in the morning of the same day. I feel hard to control the balance of my mind, body and time schedule.
I felt sick because I have had round trip twice between my previous apartment and the new apartment under extremely hot day like over 35C.
So, I fell asleep from 8:00pm last night until 5:30am this morning.