Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ludivine Poiblanc

Ludivine はすっかり日本好き。大変かわいらしく、でもセンス良く的確なアドバイスをしてくれる。


LudivineのボーイフレンドFabien Baron

Ludivine likes Japan. She is cute and has good sense of fashion. She can give me good advices. I am devoted to production and so I know a lot of unclear matters. I become easier to get inspired and receive suggestions, and that makes my products better. I think suggestions from the 3rd party for business such as music or art are also necessary.
She will go back to Paris taking tonight’s flight and will have shooting there. She is intelligent, charming, cool, and international, what's more, she is natural. I am sure she will fit to ANTEPRIMA. Just for your information, her boyfriend is Fabien Baron is a great art director.