Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casa Brutta・引っ越し


(Casa Brutta )
Moscova通りにあるCasa Brutta (醜い家)ミラノで有名な建造物の6階に私は住んでいます。

その通りにはIl Consolareと言うおいしいレストラン(魚)があります。

お店の2階をキープしたい。ミラノ滞在日数が前よりも少なくなっている。などの理由から、来週私はCorso Comoに引っ越しをする事になりました。

I used to live in this famous apartment named “Casa Brutta (ugly house)”on the 6th floor on Moscova street in Milan. This area is very quiet. There are Japanese and French Embassy downstairs and it makes me feel safe. Before I moved to this apartment, I was living on Ciovasso street and it was small maisonette.
There is a restaurant named “Il Consolare” and it is especially good for seafood.
Even though this area is in center of the city, it is quiet with good atmosphere as there are many antique shops and art gallery.
I decided to move to Corso Como where our shop and office are located as I want to keep our space in 2/F. Corso Como is a lively and busy place, people are gathering at the bars and night clubs here.
I feel I might be like a doctor as our ANTEPRIMA shop and office are located just downstairs of my room and I can go anytime if something happen at the shop and office.
Though it makes me feel complicated, I try to enjoy the change of my life and environment.