Friday, June 11, 2010

Tokyo Beer Paradise.ビアパラ


「こんな風にビールをみなさんと飲んでいるなんて今日のお昼まで想像していなかった。」とロバート キャンベルさん。私にしても同じ事。Twitterをしていなければ、こんな事は起こらない。新時代の始まり。


I was invited by Mr. Seiichi Mizuno through Twitter to the grand opening of Beer Paradise in Roppongi Hills so I visited him with Seri san, Robert san. . “I could not imagine I am drinking beer until this afternoon” said Mr. Robert Campbell. So do I. If I had not used Twitter, this would not have happened. The new age started.
Ms. Ayumi Hamazaki talked to Mr. Son saying “ Son san, Son san, I am Ayumi Hamazaki” and she wishes to appear in PR. Today, many exciting things happen with Twitter. Many more excitement will come.
I bought ipad at 10am today in Softbank in Roppongi. Normally, we’ve to wait and it’s rare to get ipad immediately after purchase(but I did). Midori san has just received ipad today and envy me, asking me “How can you?” She was surprised that I’ve already started ipad without connecting to my PC and already connected to internet. I think I was not treated special but I felt good.