Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Near future






このインターネットの普及、iphone やipadの普及は買い物に出歩く人の数を激減させています。






Stay hungry Stay foolish の言葉に添えるならば、keep flexible mind, keep imagination.

ANTEPRIMA has many shops so we have seminar for shop managers twice a year. New staff also joined and greet with bright features although they are a little shy. The Company made profit steadily so it is good to give bonus although it is not big amount. However we can’t be satisfied with the present situation because we forecast consumption ability of Japanese will continue to drop. It is an interesting change that the word of ‘ordinary’ has different meaning from the past and been used such as I want to be ordinarily happy, I want to stay ordinary. Young people don’t pay for information because the information comes to them and can be watched in internet when necessary. The spread of internet, iphone and ipad make people no need to go out for shopping because they can check through internet for information and need not walk around the town. In another word, there is no more wasting of time. The time can be spent on communications (blog, twitter, facebook, mixi), hair-dying, manicure, eyelash extension, travel with friends, dinner, facial / body massage, acupuncture, facial leaser for treating themselves. So they are busy to brush them up and spend money on these things. There is no time and money for shopping because the cabinets at home are full with clothes and shoes. This is the present situation of women.
We need to think how we can make these women desire for new fashion to make themselves happy. It is necessary to fulfill customers’ satisfaction. It is easy to say but it is really difficult.
Once we started to order heavy mineral water for home through internet, we can’t stop doing so because it is so convenient. And if the price is even cheaper than that in shops, there is no way that shop can win. Under this situation, what and how do we sell in the shops? It is necessary to know the changes of life and adjust strategy. What the future is waiting for us? If I have to put some words on STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH, I’d say keep flexible mind, keep imagination.