Wednesday, June 2, 2010


BBS..JP. Member of C.P.P.C.C  素晴らしいタイトルを持っているMr.Richard  Y.S Tan。





Mr. Richard, Y.S Tang has a lot of great titles, such as BBS, J.P. Member of CPPCC.
While staying in Shanghai, he let me use his wonderful and expensive cars with different models everyday and have massage in his house. I had a nap and relaxed after lunch in his gorgeous house. I was very happy to receive his hospitality like a national guest.
His house in Happy Valley in Hong Kong looks like Tiger Balm Garden but this house in Shanghai is also great having the best chef in Shanghai, four house-maids, a secretary and two drivers. Although he is single, he has a big family. He said he wanted to marry a Japanese girl with beautiful feature and heart. I wonder if I know anybody?
He has a small toy puddle dog in light brown color but actually he wants a real tiny one with darker brown. I wonder where he can find a dog and wonder how he can bring it to Shanghai? I wonder if it is difficult for him to have a toy puddle and beautiful young Japanese girl.