Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mrs Ikoma + Mr Leslie kee


生駒さんから横尾忠則さんPink Girl カタログと森山大道さんのNothern 写真集をお土産に戴いた。ご主人はDavid Lynchに会いに行ってるらしい?今度は何をするのだろう。見逃せない。

レスリーさんからもSuper Stars写真集をお土産に嬉しい!!。
I have a lot of positive energy tonight after not having for a long time. We talked about “Let’s do something interesting so negative thoughts will go away” I become high when I stay with these two persons. Mrs. Ikoma gave me the souvenirs which are the photo collections of “Nothern” of Mr. Daido Moriyama and “Pink Girl” of Tadanori Yokoo. Her husband has gone to meet with David Lynch. What is he going to do next? I have to keep watching.