Monday, June 21, 2010





Ps Interviewマガジン マドンナのインタビューとスタイリングが良い感じ。(スタイリングはLudivine)  この雑誌の編集者Fabien BaronはLudivineの素敵なパートナー。
Tonight after work, I went to China Club and Lan Kwai Fong with Ludivine and Rosa. Since we are different in age, nationality, taste and living style, I was a bit worry about this difference, but it turned out that we could not stop talking.
We worked until 8pm from the morning, and went out to town after change within only 10 minutes. Recently I believe this kind of enthusiasm and curiosity is necessary to fashion.
Ludivine will leave for New York tomorrow morning and we promised to meet again in Kyoto or Tokyo in end July. I had a motivated night.
PS. Interview and styling of Madonna is good in the Interview Magazine (styling is done by Ludivine). The editor of this magazine, Fabien Baron is a partner of Ludivine.