Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gateway family 3


今日は大門さん(Ricoh)、三好さん(日本郵船)、大橋さん(みずほCB)、広江さん(牛尾電気)、池内さん(伊藤忠)、行天さん(JBIC) そしてやすらぎスマイルを持った奥様方も加わって楽しく歓談。


Gateway Apartment where I live in Hong Kong has many Japanese families. I appreciate them having Citysuper cards and ANTEPRIMA. Tonight, gathering members are Mr. Daimon(Ricoh), Mr. Miyoshi(Yusen), Mr. Ohashi(Mizuho Bank), Mr. Hiroe(Ushio Electricity), Mr. Ikeuchi(Itochu), Mr. Gyoten(JBIC) and their wives. I enjoyed dinner with them. We talked about hiking in Hong Kong, the benefit of Gateway Apartment, Japanese Golf cup in Hong Kong Golf on 29 August and other topics. It would be much more fun, if they start Twitter for more communication, but they are too busy to do so.
I have no clear line between play and work so Twitter gives most fun to me. This could bring business in the future but it would be far for us to recognize this fact, although I believe such linkage will come suddenly without any notice.