Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CX Hong Kong

イタリアのRegginaでプレーしていたフリーキックが得意なMr.Shunsuke Nakamura。そして日本チームキャプテンMr.Yuji Nakazawaなどが紹介されていて何だかAsiaに勝利をと言った感じ。
映画「Edge of Darkness] を見て、その後はIpadで文庫本をめくり太宰治。機内は中々楽しくなってきました。こんな風に20年後も、楽しくな~れ。

It is cloudy here. I’ve just arrived at Hong Kong, it’s a public holiday here today, celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. I took Cathay Pacific departing from Narita at 11am and was surprised that the airplane was full. The greeting announcement in the airplane started with Congratulations in winning one of the games in World Cup. Also there was Asian Best 10 introduction in the inflight magazine. The introduction is about Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura, ex-Reggina member in Italy and famous free kicker, and Mr. Yuji Nakazawa, Japan team captain, says bringing victory to Asia. About 20 years ago, I often went to Aresso in Italy for work. In the square, a big screen was set and I wondered why. Actually, it was set for watching World Cup. After a while, so many people gathered so I was advised by a restaurant staff to go back to the hotel as early as possible, and the hotel staff told me not to go out tonight. I wondered why. I was told “Of course we won the game” but I was still not clear about the situation. That is my memory. I did not imagine this enthusiastic situation becomes world-wide. It is now to think back how we could have worked at that time without email and internet, and communication was only by fax. It is also now that we have more social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and the enthusiasm of soccer becomes accessible right away. How is the world moving 20 years from now? I enjoyed spending time in the airplane watching the movie called “Edge of Darkness” and reading a book with ipad. I hope this fun will continue after 20 years.