Sunday, June 6, 2010

Caledonian golf










I went to Caledonian Golf Club for the first time today after I became a member. This is because I was not in Japan, I was working and I had my leg problem for 2 months.
However if I compared with Hong Kong and Italy, I had to leave home very early in the morning, had traffic jam on the way back home although it was Sunday, and it was not free of charge although I am a member, so I know why I feel bothering. There are other facts that I feel doubt compared with overseas’ good and bad points.
For example, Seijo, the town I live in Japan, has much smaller houses with smaller spaces compared with the old time. They say the houses can not be carried forward to the third generation. [You got a house after paying so much tax. Why do you still have to pay tax for the house giving away to your children? It is double-charged tax] Italian critics say. So there is no inheritance tax in Italy. It doesn’t have to be non-tax but Italy has a lot of old houses. Of course, Hong Kong became no inheritance tax since 2006. The companies also only pay 17.5% max. tax, which makes everybody surprised. Why it stopped in 2006 and how Hong Kong can manage with lower tax and is in better financial situation? Japan has a lot of things to learn. I go back to the topic of golf. If one of the couples becomes member, another can play with free of charge. I think Italian will get so surprised to see golf cart with automatic remote control because pulling cart by hand in Italy is usual. Well that’s all today. PS. My leg becomes so much better that I can play golf. Thank you