Wednesday, June 2, 2010

シティースーパー上海オープン・City’SuperShanghai Open

Mr.Masaaki Ogino(City’Super Chairman.Fenix Chairman)
影の男、今回残念ながら不参加。 代理務まるかな?。(今日はCity’Super広報担当)
Mr. Masaaki Ogino (Chairman, Citysuper and Fenix Group)
He is a man of shadow, but it is a regret that he can’t attend the event this time. I wonder if I can play the role of replacement? (I am a PR of Citysuper today)

中国お役人の方々、Mr.Thomas Woo(City’Super president
Mr.Anthony Keung.(Fenix C.E.O)Mr.Alan Chan(Artist)
They are the official personnel in China and Mr. Thomas Woo, President of Citysuper. Mr. Anthony Keung (CEO, Fenix Group), Mr. Alan Chan (Artist). I am the only woman among them

City Super内アートギャラリー 
今回はMr.Alan Chan City’Superロゴも作ってくれたアートティストの作品を展示。
コンセプトは、I Eye 愛。 I-phoneで撮影された写真を使った作品。
This is the Art gallery of Citysuper. This time, the exhibition shows the art of Mr. Alan Chan who made the logo of Citysuper. The concept is I EYE LOVE. These are the photos taken with i-phone.

Peking Duck, Tempura, Soba, Ramen, Cake Shop and Bakery (Anderson). She is making an apple pie.

Ms.Charmain Cheung Exectve Chef・お料理学校そしてシェフズテーブル。
She is Ms. Charmaine Cheung, Executive Chef of Cooking School and Chef’s Table. She introduces fun with cooking and joy of eating.
Culture Club City’super
クッキング本も。The City'Super CookBook

このスペースはオープン後はCity’Super内フレンチレストランChez Nousとなります。

And they are Citysuper staff in behind the stage. This space will become Chez Nous, a French restaurant inside Citysuper after the event.
* In Shanghai, there are supermarkets called [Supercity] [Citysuper]. But they have no relation with Citysuper.