Friday, May 28, 2010

Wagyu kaiseki DEN

Wagyu kaiseki Den.  料理長 五月女さんとは、NOBUさんの紹介でミラノで始めて知り合い?そしてパリ。続いてロンドンと、行く先々で長年美味しい料理でもてなされた思い出があります。
This is Wagyu Kaiseki Den. Mr. Saotome, Chief chef, was introduced by Mr. Nobu in Milan. I remember he always welcome me with delicious food in Paris and London. He learnt cooking in Mr. Nozaki’s restaurant [Wake Tokuyama] where I still go in previous days so I have a lot of people connected with delicious meals. I was introduced to Mr. Seki who comes to this restaurant 3 times a week, and we talked about good restaurant as far as [Aida] in Paris and [Ishikawa] in Kagurazaka. I want to go to Ishikawa when I go back to Tokyo next time.