Friday, May 21, 2010

Taiko Matsuo 松尾 たいこ さん

イラストレーター 松尾たいこさん。twitterで繋がって、展示会初めてお会いした。

半スペース#とかRetweetとか?もっと良い使い方があるに違いない。izumi_ogino (twitter)

Ms. Taiko Matsuo, illustrator, is my twitter friend. My first time meeting her in the exhibition. As I expected, she is a person who can wear ANTEPRIMA nicely. I am excited to think of nice relationship with these friends to be. Thank you for your book. It is about Story of Frog with a picture calendar. She has a good sense in children’s story book. I now understand how good twitter is. But I am still a beginner. I can use it in more perfect ways such as half space # and retweet? It must have some even better functions.