Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mr.Donald Tsang

Mr.Donald Tsang を囲んで昼食会。
Mr. Tsangさんの英語も解り易かったです。




I attended luncheon meeting with Mr. Donald Tsang- Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR. Mr. Sato-Consul General of Japan was also with us, and total attendants were 26. Surely this gathering is for executive staff of Japanese companies in Hong Kong and they are all men except Ms. Wakai- founder of this club. I think I was not the right person in this gathering but my curiosity made me attend. I could understand Mr. Tsang’s English well.
Mr. Tsang was talking about the issue of Hong Kong property. He thinks properties in Hong Kong will still go up but feels a bit anxious because it went up so sharply by 30% in a short period. He tries his best to find out solution how he can make middle-class happy. He said “please give me a good idea. If you have a good idea, I will buy you lunch for ten times for appreciation”.
He also concerns about CO2 issue, how to reduce CO2 e.g. all the office temperature should keep 24.5C or +3C from outside temperature in winter time no matter how cold outside is. One of the men asked ‘how can we make our staff understand?’ Mr. Tsang replied and made a joke “you are the boss. So you set office temperature by yourself and put remote control in your pocket” He also reminded us about new food quota regulation and told us to double-check if there is any over-look, pointing the name of Citysuper.