Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leslie Kee Super Tokyo/1000 nude.

一日中話題だったLeslie Kee チャリティー1000人ヌード写真集の中でもチャーミングな迫力。
やはりファッション界 美しいNumero杏子さんを始めに、さすがに脱ぎっぷりの良いカスバ玲子さん、奥様と2ショットスタイリストの山本康一郎さん、梅宮辰夫さん一家、パーティーVIP歌手Takitaさん、キャスティングディレクター ボビーさんなど乗りの良い知り合いばかりで楽しい。
チャリティーですから、この本の収益は寄付されます。皆さんも是非購入して下さいませ。 明日の話題は何かな?

ANTEPRIMA exhibition has started from today. Our last guest today is Ms. Ikoma.. She appeared in Leslie Kee Charity Nude of 1000 individuals in a charming picture, on which everybody talks about now. For sure, this is fashion business. The photos showed Ms. Ako of Numero, Ms. Reiko of Kasbah,surely good in her exposure, Mr. Koichiro Yamamoto(stylist) with his wife, Mr. Tatsuo Umemiya with his family, Takita san (party singer), Bobby san(casting director) and so on. They are all my acquaintances so this book makes me happy. Since this is for charity, the proceeds from this book sales will be donated. Please buy this book. I wonder what is tomorrow’s topic?