Friday, May 21, 2010

ANTEPRIMA Exhibition 2010~11F/W

各百貨店、雑誌編集関係の方々 御来場本当にありがとうございました。暖かいご支援を戴いてまた来期春夏コレクションに向け走り続ける元気が出てきました。

I had nice chance to meet with my old & new friends acting as if I were a madam serving in tea salon for 4 days. I asked Mr. & Mrs. Mizuno through twitter, the friend-basis consultant of ANTEPRIMA as far as I myself consider. Seri san who came twice and Miwako san are also my ANTEPRIMA friend-basis PR as far as I myself consider. I love them so much.
Dear all the department stores, magazine publishers, Thank you for coming. I received warm support so I will try my best for next spring summer collection.