Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yum Cha (飲茶)

日曜は家族で飲茶と言う習慣がある香港。Pacific Club中華レストランも満席。私達は空いているテラスの席で外を見ながら飲茶。パリやミラノでこの気候(23度曇り)なら必ず外の席から埋まるはず。春夏は外は満席、中は誰もいないと言う事も珍しくない。国民性の違いはこんな所にも。
Hong Kong people have a habit that family members gather on Sunday for Yum Cha. Chinese Restaurant in Pacific Club was full. I had Yum Cha at the terrace where nobody took the seats and enjoyed the sea view. If this was in Paris or Milan, with this climate(23C), I am sure all the seats in the terrace would be full. All the outdoor seatings become full in Spring and Summer and there is nobody inside. I can see the country differences in the point, too.