Thursday, April 22, 2010

YN club HK

貴方の場合はヒビが入っても少しは曲げられるので、石工で固めずに取り外し式のギブスにしましょう。取りり外しにすれば、毎日お風呂にも入れるし、リハビリも受けられ 少しは早く治ると良い事ばかり。
今晩はそんな足を引きずって、YNclub のパーティーに出かけて行きました。
会場のThe Helena May は大変古い英国式の建物。下のホールまで行くには庭を通って手すりの無い階段を使うしかありません。皆さんに気を使わせてやっと会場に到着しても、隅の方のイスに座ってニコニコ。パーティーの多い香港ですが、やはり治るまでパーティーは遠慮しようと思った夜でした。
“Since yours is a fracture, you still can bend your knee, immobilizer would be better with detachable type not the clay type”. It is good if this is detachable, I can take a bath everyday and can receive physiotherapy treatment so I will get well faster. I received magnet and ultra pulse treatment, and I pray for myself getting well soon. Tonight I attended YN Club party with my feet dragging. The Helena May is an old British style building. I had to take steps without handle and went through the garden in order to reach to the party venue. Many people worried about me and finally reached to the venue but I just sat down in a chair and smiled. Hong Kong has a lot of parties but I decided in this night not to attend until I get well.