Friday, April 16, 2010

Ultrasonic therapy

St.Teresa’s Hospital 内にあるリハビリセンター。最近超音波パルスを照射すると骨折の治療期間が40%ほど短縮されると言う結果が出ているらしいので、先生の勧めで今日からリハビリ開始。
This is a Rehabilitation Centre in St. Teresa Hospital. My doctor suggested me to take rehabilitation since there is a report saying that ultra laser shortens healing time of bone fracture for about 40%. The ultra laser is cold gel and apply equipments like facial machine to the part for 5 minutes. The feeling is like tapping. I wonder if this helps to my face also? After that, I put my leg into a small accommodation like a dome. I don’t feel anything of ultra laser. It is a bit inconvenient but I will attend this center 3 times a week. Please count on the result.