Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Roppongi Midtown Tokyo

日本滞在最後の桜はANTEPRIMA JAPAN OFFICEのあるTokyo Midtown. 昨日の靴とアクセサリーに続いて、帽子秋冬サンプルチェック。明日香港に戻れば2011年春夏の企画会議となり、季節の往復が続きます。6月には買い付け7月には2011~2012年秋冬企画スタートとなりますので、これから7月末までは毎月香港、ミラノ、日本を私も行ったり来たりで頭の体操が続きます。桜に浮かれて夜は良く遊んだ楽しい日本でした。戻るのは5月連休後の秋冬展示会かな?また季節逆戻り。
The last cherry blossom I can see is in the place where ANTEPRIMA JAPAN OFFICE is located - Tokyo Midtown. I have sample checking of shoes, accessories and hats for fall-winter both yesterday and today. When I go back to Hong Kong tomorrow, I will have a meeting for 2011 spring-summer. So such back and forth of seasons will continue. In June, buying will take place and in July fall-winter 2011-2012 project will start and that makes me travel between Hong Kong, Milan and Japan every month until end of July. My mind will keep on exercising. It was a happy and enjoyable stay in Japan with cherry blossom. I will come back to Japan after golden week for fall-winter exhibition. I need to rewind the season again.