Friday, April 9, 2010

Milano Salone

毎年4月のミラノサローネに小さなサポートをANTEPRIMAは行っています。今年はMATTEOCIBIC さんを応援。日本からも参加者が多いらしく楽しみ。植木莞爾さんからも夕食一緒にしようとメールが入ったり、昨年応援した安達さくらさんや Sfelaの方達も来られるよう。7月Milano新居引っ越し予定なのでいろいろ見たい。今回TOTOが出るらしいけれど、何処で購入すれば良いのか聞いてみよう。ヨーロッパでウォシュレットが普及しないのは水のせいかな?外国からのお客様は自然に水が流れたり便器のふたが開いたりを不思議そうに面白がっているけれど。
ANTEPRIMA gives a little support to Milano Salone in April every year. This year, ANTEPRIMA supports MATTEO CIBIC. I am looking forward to this because many Japanese will come and join. I’ve received a request from Mr. Kanji Ueki for dinner, and Adachi san, Sfela and more others will come, too. I will move my apartment to a new place in July so I want to check out many stuff. TOTO will come this time so I want to ask them where I can buy their products. I wonder if it is due to water quality that washlet has not been popular. Many foreigners who came to Japan, enjoyed having toilet cover open automatically or auto-flush system. I arrived at Hong Kong yesterday. Today is cloudy with 20C.