Friday, April 2, 2010

Gion Kyoto

俵屋で夕食、そして今晩は飲むぞ!!祇園 染めの北川さんに紹介を受けて話題のバー牡丹へ。その後は楽しい波木井で沢山の舞妓さん達と点滴おけさ。一見さんお断りの京都、北川さんの保証をもらって楽しく遊ぶ事が出来ました。久しぶりに足がふらつくまで飲んでストレスアウト。
I had dinner in Tawaraya. After that, I went to the bar, Botan where I was introduced by Kitagawa san of Gion Dying business. After that, I went to Hagii and sang songs with them. Kyoto needs to have somebody introduce me to nice places so I had a great time after introduction by Kitagawa san. My stress had gone and because I've drunk so much that I could not walk straight.