Sunday, April 11, 2010

Knee plate crack

救急車?車椅子?大げさでしょ?「いいえ行きます。」と何時も頼もしい佳子さんと周さん。「ただの捻挫よ」と笑っていたら膝のお皿にヒビ、手術する必要は無いが2カ月間ギブス、結局1日入院。恥ずかしがらずに大げさに捉えた方が良いのかもしれません。香港で救急車を呼ぶと政府の病院に行かなくてはなりません。私立の病院に行きたければ自分で行くしかありません。St.Teresa’s Hospital はKowloonサイドにある私立病院。入院前に18万円ぐらいのデポジットを入れて入院します。打撲した手の方は15分間凍結後レーザーをあてたらこうしてPCが打てるまで回復しました。週末運動しようと急にがんばりすぎて体がびっくり。プールサイドでふらつきました。がんばりすぎも要注意です。多分休みなさい、体はあんがい簡単に壊れるよと誰かが教えてくれているのでしょう。この程度でしかも4月で良かったです。みなさんには不注意から予定変更となり御迷惑をかけます。心配して下さった皆さんありがとう。
Ambulance or wheelchair? No, it is too much. [No, I will go to the hospital] said Yoshiko san and Mr. Chau. They are always reliable. I thought it was only a twist but actually it was a fracture in my knee’s bone. I don’t need to do any surgery but I need to be immobilized for 2 months, and stay in the hospital for one night. It is better for me sometimes to take the fact very seriously. If I call an ambulance in Hong Kong, they will take me to the public hospital so if I want to go to a private hospital, I need to go by myself. St. Teresa Hospital is a private one in Kowloon side. Deposit for about 180,000 Japanese yen is required for admission. My wrist with bruise has become better that I can type e.g. these sentences after cooling and heating treatment. My body could not adjust for sudden exercises in the weekend, and that made me dizzy in the pool-side. I need to be more careful not to do tough exercises. I think somebody tells me to take a rest because human is sometimes fragile. It was good my injury was not very serious and it is April. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused due to my carelessness. And thank you very much for the people who are concerned about me.