Sunday, March 7, 2010


チューリッヒ経由で昨日帰国、眠れずに機内映画を3本も見ていた。UP IN THE AIRは、空の上で1ヵ月以上過ごし来週も香港、韓国、上海と出張が続く私の生活と重なる部分がある映画だった。そんな旅ばかり仕事第一の私なのに、まだ家族が暖かく出迎えてくれる事に改めて感謝していた。早朝なので、出迎え不要と伝えておいたはずなのに、出迎えに来てくれていた父、そうとは知らず映画のように旅慣れた私は、一番にゲートを出て回りを見る事も無くさっさと手際良くラゲージを宅配し、1分後に出発しますと言うバスに飛び乗り、父をその後2時間も空港に待たせる事に。親不孝娘。少しスピードダウンして、ゆっくりゆったり回りを見てほほ笑んでUP IN THE AIR。
I came back to Japan yesterday through Zurich. I could not sleep so I watched three movies in-flight. UP IN THE AIR is the movie that is similar to me who spend over one month in sky and will travel to Hong Kong, Korea and Shanghai next week. I have my parents who welcome me back home although I am a workaholic. I appreciate them once again. My father came to the airport to pick me up although I told him it was not necessary this time due to early morning arrival. I did not know he was in the airport waiting for me so I jumped into the limousine bus that was leaving one minute later. My father waited for me for two hours in the airport. I am such a bad girl. I need to slow down a little bit and should look around the circumstances with smiles. UP IN THE AIR.