Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow in Tokyo

日本に戻って、また頭を秋冬企画に戻し、バンドーム社と秋冬ライセンス会議。やさしく少しかわいらしいアクセが人気のよう。時代がやさしさを求めているのだろうか?文藝春秋ネット戦略を担当するデジタルメディア局長の西川さんと小いわ で会食。体にやさしいおいしい食材にほっとして、やさしさの重要性に納得。仕入はご主人が毎日魚市場に出向くらしい。タキタさんから電話、何だか私の同級生アーティストのNeroさんと飲んでいるらしい。昨日から世間は狭い話しばかりが続いている。久しぶりに佳代さん の顔を見に新装開店した赤坂6丁目のうさぎへ出向いたけれど、雪警戒情報。早々に失礼して帰宅、朝はうっすらと雪景色。
I came back to Japan and need to rewind my mind into fall winter project for license meeting with Vendome. Gentle and small accessories are popular. I wonder if gentleness are in need now. I had business lunch in Koiwa with Mr. Nishikawa, manager of digital media, in charge of web strategy of Bungei Shunju. I felt such a relief on natural food and understood the importance of gentleness. The master of the restaurant goes and buys food material in the fish market. Takita san called me saying that he had a drink with Nero san who was an artist and my classmate. The world is so small and this sort of story has been on the topic since yesterday. I went to visit to Usagi in Akasaka 6-chome after a long time interval where recently reopened the restaurant with new interior decoration, but it had been snowing so I left earlier. In this morning, the town has a snowy scenery.