Thursday, March 18, 2010

SFJ 5F・ italian lunch and dinner.

サイドフェームジャパンANTEPRIMA販売会社) 5F の新入社員歓迎会によばれて恵比寿のイタリアンへ。この会社で仕事がある時は、5階が私の臨時席。みんなやさしい気のきく面々。酒見さんはその中で久しぶりの男性社員。
I went to the Italian restaurant in Ebisu for welcome dinner of a new comer to Sidefame Japan Co Ltd (ANTEPRIMA RETAILER) 5th Floor members. Whenever I have work in this office, 5th floor becomes my temporary office. Members are so kind in giving me all the assistance I need. Mr. Sakami is a male member, it’s been quite some time not having male PR staff here. I also had lunch in Daikanyama Antonio with Mr. Seiichi Mizuno and Mrs. Seri Ishikawa. We have so many topics for this short lunch : Harvard University accepted only one Japanese student this year, Korean issue, airport issue, Twitter, the true way of communication, the daughter is interested in Kabuki and so on. That’s why I told my staff “Italian at night, again?” but I could listen to their family stories, hmmm, I wonder if they enjoyed the night having me and managing director of the company? I finally understood tha they should be happy because the share of dinner expense became lower.