Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marie Claire HK / Trend Weekly

Marie Claireの表紙となったワイヤーバック。表紙取りはPRに取って勲章みたいなものでしょうか?優秀で頼もしいPR Margaretに又一つ勲章が増えました。おめでとう。そして今日は中国新聞 Trend Weeklyの取材。夕食は糖朝におかゆと野菜を食べに行きました。隣はANTEPRIMAの買い物袋、ワイヤーバックを持ってワイワイとなにやら楽しそうな日本人女性観光客。チラチラ見られていると思ってしまうのはやはり自意識過剰ですね。どうもありがとうございます。と黙って頭を下げていました。帽子やサングラスなどをせずに普通に出歩き普通に生活すると言う事を失わずにいられる事が幸せだと思うし、とても大切な事なのだと大女優のみどりさんも言っていましたね。
Wirebag is featured in the front page of Marie Claire. To reserve a front page of fashion magazines for PR persons are like a medal awarded. PR Margaret is very capable and reliable. She is awarded with another medal. Congratulations! Today I received an interview from China media Trend Weekly. I had dinner in Sweet Dynasty and had congee and vegetables. Next to me are Japanese women/tourists having ANTEPRIMA Shoppers and Wirebag, they enjoyed talking. I am sure it ‘s my high self-esteem that makes me feel that “they’re look at me” I bowed to them quietly whispering in my mind thank you very much. The great actress Midori san said that the ordinary likes just walking on the street without disguise, wearing a hat and sunglasses is happy and important in life.