Monday, March 15, 2010


週末はハンサムボーイ達と一緒に強羅花壇。美しく咲いた梅を見ながら露天風呂。プリティーガールも加わって、忙しさと楽しさに久々に頭のネジがゆるんで時差完全回復となりました。一階のスチームバスと露天風呂の付いている部屋は子供連れに最適。何時でも休めるツインベットルームと12畳の2間続き。部屋に運ばれる美味し食事。ちび様方にもやさしいお湯といつもながらの藤本三和子さんの心のこもったもてなしを受けて、心も体もポカポカ。高倉先生のマッサージ、クーナ もお勧めです。
I went to Gorakadan with handsome boys in the weekend. I soaked myself in outdoor hot spring and enjoyed beautifully bloomed plum trees. Pretty girls also joined so I fully recovered from the jetlag by releasing stress and keeping myself busy and happy. The room on the first floor is with the steam bath and outdoor hot spring, good for family with small children because the there are two rooms with twin beds. The meal served in the room is delicious. Hot spring is healthy for children and warm hospitality from Mrs. Miwako Fujitomo makes our heart and body happy. I also recommend massage of Takakura san.