Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deep water bay Hong Kong Golf Club

Deep water bay Hong Kong Golf 香港島にある9ホールの小さなゴルフ場。会員であれば、予約もいらずただ会員番号を言えば好きな時に好きなだけプレーができます。もちろん無料。ランチも本格的な中華レストランがあり、土日などは、プレーグラウンドで子供を遊ばせ、ランチだけを利用する為に来ている家族連れも多いです。夫婦で一月5万円ほど月会費(ランチ代1万円含む)を取られているので、プレー代は無料。ですから数多く使用した方が得する訳です。また会員は年間述べ24人を6000円ほどで招待する事ができます。朝は15度ほどで肌寒くセーターを着こんで始めたゴルフも終わる頃には汗ばむほど。黄砂が収まって香港は最高のゴルフシーズン。ゴルフ好きは是非日本の花粉を逃れて暑くなる前に香港へ。
Deep Water Bay Hong Kong Golf is a small golf course with 9 holes in Hong Kong Island. If you are a club member, you don’t have to make a reservation. Of course, it is free of charge. They have a good Chinese restaurant so some of the families just come here for lunch in the weekend and let children play in the playground. Since we are charged about 5o, ooo yen a month for membership fee (including lunch fee for 10,000 yen), tee off charge is free for us. So the more we play, the more we gain. Also members can invite 24 guests a year with tee off charge for 6,000 yen. In this morning, the temperature was only 15c, so I put on my sweater and started but it became so warm that I sweat when finishing. Air pollution of Yellow Sand is over and Hong Kong is now the best reason for golf. Any golf players please come to Hong Kong to escape flower pollen and play golf before it gets too hot in Hong Kong.