Friday, March 12, 2010


白髪も少し増えましたと野崎さん(分とく山)。相田みつをさんの書に合わせてお料理を紹介した新書をプレゼントしてもらいました。相田みつをの心 野崎洋光の味「ともかくここに生かされている。」
I feel a bit mismatching in this situation because I wear Kimono for meeting in daytime. I wonder if people might think that a club mama has come to receive payment for the unpaid bills? In the evening, I had dinner with Mr. Toga, chief editor of Men’s Club in Waketokuyama. Mr. Toga is also famous for his blog having over 30,000 Viewers. He said “ if I have this strap, ladies will give attention to me? And says it’s the same as mine”. Mr. Toga came to dinner with the strap. He bought many ANTEPRIMA straps for white day and wrote in his blog. Thank you very much. I entertained him as a club mama. I heard he is a good golfer, I wish I could go around with him some time.