Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Air pollution index 500

香港はずいぶんどんよりと曇っているな?これは黄砂と関係あるのかな?と昨日到着した時から思っていたけれど、今日2008年7月の大気汚染指数 202を上回って約500と言う指数が出たそう。200を超えると一般の人も咳などが出てくるようで、屋外での活動を控えなければダメな様子。週末までに収まってくれるとゴルフが出来るのだけれど。
When I arrived Hong Kong yesterday, I saw Hong Kong was very cloudy and wondered if it was due to the sandy storm? However, today’s air pollution index is 500 which is record-breaking against 202 in July 2008. If such index goes over 200, ordinary people would suffer from coughing and need to avoid outdoor activities. If it becomes better, I would play golf in weekend.