Wednesday, March 3, 2010


買い付け終了Kennis一同御苦労様。クタクタで数人ダウン。上の事務所では2011年春夏コレクションMD会議、デザイン会議、マテリアル選定と続きました。ライセンス会議で又秋冬に戻ったりなど、頭はナポレオン状態。フラフラになるどころか興奮収まらず、そのままPeppino にてバイヤーズ賞を2回連続受賞したANTEPRIMAシューズライセンス(モーダクレア )、売り上げ絶好調のANTEPRIMA帽子、マフラー、傘(オーロラ)の皆さまとハイテンションで夜まで楽しく。眠れそうも無いので、twitte
の勉強。 izumi_ogino #anteprima の使い方など。一日がやっと終了します。
Thank you, Kennis and others, for your hard working. The buying has just finished. Some staff were so tired and got sick. 2011 Spring Summer collection MD meeting, design meeting and material selection were held in the office upstairs. My brain is like a Napoleon because of switching back and forth from spring summer to fall winter. I was too high to take a rest, so I had a dinner with people from ANTEPRIMA Shoes licensee (Moda Clare) who received Buyers Award for 2 continuous years, ANTEPRIMA Hat, Muffler and Umbrella licensee (Aurora) made super sales. I can’t sleep so I will study twitter, izumi_ogino # Anteprima. That’s so much for today.