Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lunch with,..

沢山のサラミにモッザレッラチーズ、ペコリーノチーズ、パスタ、サラダ。典型的なイタリアランチ。ペコリーノチーズにジャムを付けて食べるのはイタリア人だけかしら?(GiuseppeStefanoの新居移転祝い。)またいろいろな人と友達になったけれど、日本好きで生け花も習った事のあると言うRosanna PavoiさんはCasa Museo in Italiaと言う本を出したそう。日本の愛読書は谷崎、村上、三島。日本好きの外人は何時もこの3人の名前を出す。決まって名字。何故かな?
A lot of salami, mozzarella cheese, pecorino cheese, pasta and salad – it is typical Italian lunch. I wonder if it is only Italian eating pecorino cheese with jam. It is house warming party for Giuseppe and Stefano. I became friends with many people. Ms. Rosanna Pavoi who likes Japan and has learnt flower arrangement, had published her book called Casa Museo in Italia. Her Japanese authors are Tanizaki, Murakami and Mishima. Foreigners who like Japan mention these three names every time and always describe with family names. I wonder why?