Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hair / Make up test

何時も応援に来てくれる、Lloyd Simmonds (Make-up)とOdile Gilbert(Hair).半年があっと言う間。彼らもNY、London、Milano、そして来週はParisとモデル達と同じ移動続きのスケジュール。
2月28日(日)Via Gattamelata5 (sala Borgospesso) 10:30/ANTEPRIMA SHOW
明朝コールタイムは7:30AM/ AM12時前には全員帰宅できるかな?
Lloyd Simmonds (Make-up artist) and Odile Gilbert (Hair stylist) always give big help to me. Half a year has passed so quickly. They moved same routes as fashion models between New York, London and Milan and will move to Paris next week. ANTEPRIMA Show will be held in Via Gattamelata 5 (sala Borgospesso) at 10:30am on Sunday 28 February. Call time is at 7:30am tomorrow morning. I wonder if everybody can go home by mid-night?