Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Casting 2nd day

モデルのTaoさんもキャスティングに来てくれましたが、明日はFendiではなく、D&Gのショーに出るらしい。そうなると日曜のDolce &Gabbanaにも出る確率が高い訳で、朝からモデルをキープすると言っている彼らのショーに出ると、我々のショーは無理かな?。
Mr. Tamura, show director of Drumcan, and Bobby have arrived to Milan. Tao san, fashion model, came to our casting but she will be in D & G show not Fendi. In this case, it is highly possible that she will be in Dolce & Gabbana which will keep models from the morning. Is it difficult for her to be in our show?