Monday, February 22, 2010

Masaaki Ogino

荻野 正明は68歳。大阪東住吉区生まれ。天王寺高校から神戸外語ロシア語科卒。河越商事から三黄貿易に転職し香港勤務となる。1971年に三黄貿易が閉鎖となり小さな事務所を譲り受けアシスタントであったMr.Anthony Keung(現CEO) とFenix香港を設立。それ以後も Fenix HongKong .City Super ANTEPRIMA LTD Sidefame HK, JapanFenix Tokyoなどいろいろな会社を30以上立ち上げてきた。初期からつい最近まで大変なお金の苦労。それ以外にも仕事好きな悪妻に20年以上付き合い悩み、また多くの苦難に立ち向かってきたせいで、何時も怒ったような顔をして怖い印象。趣味はゴルフ。先生。TVドキュメント録画。卓球。
I received flowers from my husband on one ordinary day after a few decades. I wonder if my self-esteem is too high and made me to think that I received flowers from an Italian who fell in love with me? This made me surprised twice but I found out this flowers were sent by my husband, Mr. Ogino who can not come to Milan this time due to prior engagement.
Masaaki Ogino, 68 years old, was born in Sumiyoshi, Osaka, Japan. He graduated from Kobe Foreign Language University major in Russian, after Tenouji High School. He entered Kawagoe Shouji and changed to Sanou Shouji where he was transferred to Hong Kong. In 1971, Sanou Shouji closed in Hong Kong so he purchased the small office from them and established Fenix Hong Kong with his assistant, Mr, Anthony Keung (Present CEO). He established over 30 companies such as Citysuper, Anteprima Ltd, Sidefame Ltd, Sidefame Japan, Fenix Tokyo and so on. He had hard time on financial aspect until very recently. He has also spent life with his wife who has strong character and workaholic for over 20 years. Since he has faced many problems, he always looks angry and gives impression that he is strict. His hobby is golf, being a teacher, taping TV reports and table tennis. It seems that he has recently become able to afford doing these. I would like to officially say Thank you for the flowers. That is why I introduce him in my blog.