Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ristrante Dal Bolognese Pizze del Popolo1/2 Roma

Popolo広場にあるRistrante Dal Bolognese。入口に鎖がかかり8時15分からしかオープンしませんよ!!。と明記してあるが、8時10分に入れてもらった。何だか予約が取りにくいレストランらしい。宿泊しているHotel Russie から2分。冬の名物はボリートミスト(肉の蒸し煮)。開店と同時に次々に入ってくる人がみんな男性。90%がネクタイを締めた人だったのにはびっくり。
Ristrante dal Bolognese is located in Popolo Square. The entrance is chained with notice of Open at 8:15pm, but I was allowed to be seated at 8:10pm. This is the restaurant where reservation is hardly accepted. The location is just 2 minutes from the Hotel Russie where I stay. The winter special is steam meat. After the restaurant opens, the incoming guests are all male and I was very surprised to see 90% of them were wearing necktie.