Monday, January 25, 2010


午後からは3月1日に予定されているショーに向けてのデザイン会議。明日からFirenzeで開催される2011春夏の糸展PITTI. 来年の春夏のコンセプトを出すと言う大きな宿題の期限が..。
I left Paris of very fine weather and came back to Milan which is cloudy and might have snow tomorrow. I have used airplanes as if riding buses. I finished lunch in Yoshi and went back to the office.
I will have a design meeting from afternoon for ANTEPRIMA Show, which is scheduled on 1st of March. Spring Summer 2011 Pitti Filati will he held from tomorrow in Florence. Deadline of the big assignment for next year’s Spring Summer brand concept is approaching.